Epoxy Based Tiles Grout For Heavy Duty Conditions


MITCHTILE GROUT EP is a 3 component epoxy resin based grouting system for ceramic and acid resistant tiles, in medium and heavy duty corrosive and hygienic environments. Suitable for vertical and horizontal applications in interior and exterior locations. Suitable for 2 mm to 10 mm joint sizes.


  • MITCHTILE GROUT EP is for to be used for high degree of chemical resistance with excellent mechanical properties are required.
  • MITCHTILE GROUT EP ideal for meat, fish,vegetable, fruit processing, canning areas,dairies & bakeries, industrial kitchens and catering facilities, laboratories, swimming pools and leisure facilities.
  • MITCHTILE GROUT EP can be used at electrical substations and plant rooms, heavy duty workshops, garages & services facilities, bottling plants and breweries.


  • Color: Available in variety of colors.
  • Easy to Use: Just mix 3 components on site.
  • Pre-packed: Consistent Quality
  • Water Resistant: Resistant to staining and absorption when permanently immersed in water.
  • Chemical Resistant: Excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals and acids including sewage, urine, salt water, dilute acids, battery acids, alkalis, oils and fats.
  • Antimicrobial: Will not support bacterial growth in kitchens, swimming pools etc.
  • Non-Tainting and Non-Toxic: Ideal for use in most areas where drink and foodstuffs are processed.
  • Bond Strength: Very good bond adhesion to mostly used substrates.
  • Non Absorbent: Easy to clean and hygienic in service.