Elastomeric Polyurethane Waterproofing Coating


Mitchell’s Mitchpruf PU is a one component polyurethane based moisture curing elastomeric waterproofing coating for concrete and metal structures such as roofs and walls. Mitchpruf PU provides a seamless, tough and highly flexible film ensuring complete and long term water protection.


Mitchpruf PU is used to waterproof roofs and walls in homes, offices, factory buildings, warehouses, processing plants, power plants, cinemas, cold storages, schools, mosques and any other structure where protection from water penetration is required.


Mitchpruf PU is app;ied as per procedure laid dowm for a good surface paint. The method of application for most application are

  1. Clean the surface of all dust, dirt, debris, oil, grease, rust and other containment.
  2. Apply a primer coat and then two flood coat of MitchprufPU and mixing well to obatin a homogenized product.
  3. Mitchpruf PU should be applied by a painters brush, roller or spray machine.
  4. Each coat of Mitchpruf PU must be applied at right angles to the preceding coat and an even covering of the entire surface must be ensured.
  5. Each coat of Mitchpruf PU must be allowed to dry before the next coat is applied, preferably after 16 to 24 hours.


  • Highly elastic at a wide temperature range.
  • Accommodates thermal movements and vibrations experienced by the substrate.
  • Excellent crack-bridging ability.
  • Forms a continuous waterproofing membrane.
  • Breathable surface so that water vapour can pass through.
  • Excellent adhesion to concrete, mortar, brick, stone and steel.