Integral Waterproofing Admixture For Concrete And Mortar


MITCHMIX P is a balanced blend of stearates water repellants and other chemicals which, in powder form, when used as an admixture, forms an internal barrier against water penetration. MITCHMIX P also increases the plasticity of mortar, reduces water absorption and thereby guards against freeze-thaw damage. It is available in powdered form without chlorides for additional densification and acceleration of the mortar or concrete.
MITCHMIX P will not increase the air content of mortar or concrete.


  • MITCHMIX P helps to produce impermeable concrete for water retaining structures, terraces, basements, tunnels, pile foundations etc.
  • MITCHMIX P can be used as a waterproof admixture in cementsand mortar for external and internal plastering of underground structures, tanks, masonry, screed etc.
  • MITCHMIX P produces cohesive concrete and hence the property of set concrete/mortar is improved.
  • MITCHMIX P helps in reduction of water demand for workable concrete and thus aids in minimizing segregation and bleeding.
  • MITCHMIX P facilitates prevention of corrosion of steel in concrete because of reduced capillaries and hence the life span of the building is increased.