Self Leveling Epoxy Flooring


MITCHFLOOR SLF is a specially designed three component self leveling epoxy flooring system that provides a durable, seamless finish to concrete floors and other horizontal concrete surfaces. It makes the surface waterproof and highly resistant against the attacks of acids, alkalis and other aggressive liquids. Available in a variety of colours, it provides a dust free, hygienic and decorative appearance to the surface. Mitchfloor SLF is supplied, as a three component system, in pre-measured quantities of part A, part B and part C, for easy on-site mixing just prior to application. Mitchfloor SLF can be applied in thickness ranging from 1 mm to 3mm.


  • 100% Solids, Non VOC
  • Decorative with high gloss
  • Abrasion and Impact resistant surface
  • Suitable for new as well as old surfaces
  • Easy to apply, self leveling
  • Excellent bond with the substrate
  • Provides long term durability