Epoxy Floor Coating


MITCHEPO KOTE 500 is two packs, solvent free epoxy floor coating. It can be applied up to 500 microns. It is designed to protect concrete floors and timber in light to medium duty situations.


MITCHEPO KOTE 500 gives good general protection to concrete floors in light to medium duty situation. It is easy to clean, chemical resistant floor coating with non-slip finish and can be back rolled with fine aggregate for further strength. Typical uses include laboratories, showrooms, hospitals, manufacturing Fish, meat and food processing, commercial kitchens, beverages & pharmaceutical plants and warehousing areas subjected to heavy foot and rubber wheel traffic.


  • Attractive, enhances working environment.
  • Seamless and hygienic finish, no crevices
    where dirt and bacteria can dwell.
  • Hygienic – easy to clean.
  • Non-tainting, non-dusting, abrasion resistant.
  • High build, up to 0.5 mm in one coat.
  • Excellent chemical resistant to acid and
  • Easy to maintain, solvent free, low odor.
  • Economical and Fast installation.