Cementitious, Polymer Modified Tile Adhesive For Ceramic Tiles


MITCH DRYBOND CT a single component cementitious powder containing performance enhancing polymers, silica and lot of other additives. It’s ready to use only requires addition of water on site. MITCH DRYBOND CT is perfect for fixing ceramic tiles on walls and floors internally. For
external applications use MITCH DRYBOND SP.


  • MITCH DRYBOND CT can be used for ceramic tiling in internal floor and walls.
  • MITCH DRYBOND CT can be used for new tiling at showers & wet processing areas, laboratories, hospitals, canteens, tiling corridors, pavements etc.
  • MITCH DRYBOND CT is an excellent product for high traffic conditions like schools, universities and institutions.


  • Thin Bed Tiling: Can be applied between 3 mm to 6 mm
  • Easy to Use: Just add water on site
  • Pre-packed: Consistent Quality
  • Dry Bonding: No need to moist the substrate and neither pre – soaking tiles required
  • Water Resistant: Can be used on wet areas e.g. washrooms
  • Slow Setting: Long pot life and slow setting time (Initial Setting @ 6 hours , Final Setting @ 7 hours)
  • Tile Adjusting Limit: Tiles can be adjusted till 30 minutes after application
  • Bond Strength: Very good bond strength up to 1.5 N/mm2
  • Applications: Can be used for walls and floor