Flexible Crack Filler & Repair Compound


MITCHCRETE 2K is a specially prepared two component ready mixed flexible repair mortar and crack filler for concrete and masonry. It is ready to use, the powder component and the liquid component are mixed at site, just prior to application. It provides excellent bond with the substrate and a dense closed surface resistant to water, weather and cracking.


MITCHCRETE 2K is recommended for repairing concrete and masonry structures and other damaged areas or cracks, spalls and honeycombs. It can be used for the grouting of all kinds of ceramic, porcelain or marble tiles. It is also recommended for use as a semi-rigid filler for saw cut joints in industrial floors. MITCHCRETE 2K should not be used for expansion / contraction joints. Use in severely acidic or alkaline conditions is also not recommended, for such applications use Mitchmortar EP or any other chemical resistant epoxy mortar.


At 5mm thickness, one 15Kg unit of Mitchcrete 2K should cover about 16 to 20 sft. area.