Non-Oxidizing Metallic Floor Harderner



Mitchell’s Hardonate MetalTop is a specially prepared graded, non-oxidizing metallic aggregate designed for use in industrial pavings and floors to produce heavy duty, dense and tough floor surfaces able to withstand wear, abrasion and dusting. Hardonate MetalTop floors resist the penetration of oils, grease, industrial chemicals and other aggressive liquids.
Hardonate MetalTop topping can be applied in thickness ranging from 3mm to 12mm or more. It is usually applied as a trowlled-in floor topping using the DRY SHAKE method. Hardonate MetalTop is tough but ductile and malleable, as a result the continued exposure to iron wheeled trollies and other traffic simply results in a more smoother & shinier but skid free surface.


Hardonate MetalTop is graded, processed, non-oxidizing, non-rusting, inert metallic aggregate compatible with ordinary portland cement.