Elastomeris Insulation and Waterproofing Coating for roofs and walls


Mitchell’s Hardoflex SR is a solar reflective elastomeric coating for concrete and metal structures such as roofs and walls. It is an acrylic based elastomeric coating and the waterproofing and adhesive properties of the acrylic base material have been complemented by the addition of hollow ceramic spheres that prevent the passage of solar heat. The insulation properties of these tiny hollow spheres were first discovered by NASA scientists who successfully used these hollow spheres in tiles protecting the outer layer of the space shuttles from burn out during re-entry into earth’s atmosphere.


Hardoflex SR can be used on roofs and walls in homes, offices, factory buildings, warehouses, processing plants, power plants, cinemas, cold storages, schools, mosques and any other structure where waterproofing along with protection from heat is desired.


  • Easy to apply
  • Economical
  • No maintenance required
  • Reduces Air conditioning bill
  • Insulates against heat


Hardoflex SR is applied as per procedure laid down for a good surface paint. The method of application for most applications is

  1. Clean the surface of all dust, dirt, debris, oil, greas, rust, and other containment.
  2. Soak the surface with water but remove any standing water prior to the application of Hardoflex SR.
  3. Apply a primer coat and then two flood coats of Hardoflex SR. The primer coat is made by adding and equal volume of water to Hardoflex SR and mixing well to obtain a homogenized product.
  4. Hardoflex SR should be applied by a painters brush, roller or spray machine.
  5. Each coat of Hardoflex SR must be applied at right angles to the preceding coat and an even covering of the entire surface must be ensured.
  6. Each coat of Hardoflex SR must be allowed to dry before the next coat is applied.
  7. Hardoflex SR should not be applied if it is raining or rain is imminent.


Color White

Tensile Strength

(ASTM D-865) 40 Kg/m

Elongation at Break 125%

Water Absorption

COVERAGE 1 to 1.5 Liter per m


5 and 25 Liters