Curing Compound


Mitchell’s Hardocure WB is an economical and highly efficient liquid compound for concrete curing. Hardocure WB is a white pigmented, slightly viscous liquid suitable for spray or brush application. When applied to freshly finished concrete it dries to form a continuous film providing a stain free surface resistant to dusting and penetration of oils, fats and other mild chemicals.


Hardocure WB complies with the requirements of ASTM C-309 and AASHTO M148.


Hardocure WB prevents the rapid evaporation of water from the surface thereby ensuring adequate hydration of cement required for strength development and prevention of drying shrinkage cracking. It is most suitable for mass concreting and applications where huge areas are involved such as industrial floors and roofs, canals, roads, bridges, tunnels, dams, water tanks, runways etc. Hardocure WB does not form a permanent film and as such is not required to be removed for subsequent surface applications such as paints, plasters, tiles etc.


Economical and Labour saving Improves concrete strength gain Reduces drying shrinkage cracking Improves surface impermeability Improves surface resistance against aggressive liquids Produces a resilient, dust free surface Fully compatible with further surface treatments.